Registration for the 3rd Canadian Computational Chemistry Conference
                          University of Alberta
                            Edmonton, Alberta
                           July 19 - 23, 1997
Please send this form to:
    3rd Canadian Computational Chemistry Conference
    c/o Dr. M. Klobukowski
    Department of Chemistry
    University of Alberta
    Edmonton, Alberta T6G 2G2
or fax to 403-492-8231
1.            NAME   ___________________________________________________________
                           (Last)                   (First)        
2. MAILING ADDRESS   ___________________________________________________________
3. E-MAIL            ___________________________________________________________
   Author(s)         ___________________________________________________________
   Title             ___________________________________________________________
The final title and abstract must be received by the organizers in Edmonton
before June 30 in order to be included in the Conference Program.

5. REGISTRATION FEE (in Canadian dollars)
   (a) regular participant: $ 200 (before May 15)   $220 (after May 15)
   (b) graduate student:    $ 150 (before May 15)   $170 (after May 15)
   Please make cheques or money orders payable to: 3rd CCCC

6. Your Conference Registration will be confirmed upon receipt of your
   Registration Fee.
   Please remember to mail your Registration Fee before the deadline!
7. HOUSING: The Conference participants should make their own housing
            arrangements. The Individual Room Reservation Request form
            for the Lister Hall Residences is available from the WWW site
            of the Conference (
            The Conference Organizers in Edmonton will offer assistance
            and advice.  It is best to contact us via e-mail:

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Questions or comments should be addressed to Mariusz Klobukowski.